What to Expect  

JAM operates with the notion that everyone is a musician! 


We welcome all musicians and musics and facilitate good relationships with music. 


We offer group lessons, individual lessons, and Zoom lessons to beginners and experts alike by using a wide variety of teaching approaches to ensure that each musician is getting the best possible experience to reach their musical goals. We value the existing approaches in music education practices, but also flexibly adjust them. For example, music making can take place learning by ear, traditional notation, adapted notation (like Figurenotes), through movement, collaboration, assistive technology, or any other approach that works best for you.


We partner with in-service, student teachers, and researchers. Our students and teacher-researchers discover their own potential as musicians and professionals. We make way for new educational pilots, where students and teacher–researchers develop innovative ways to learn and teach music. 

Our musicians fill out an interest form where they choose what they want to get out of JAM. You can draw inspiration from our JAM in Action page or detail out something different and we pair you with a group and teachers that fit your individual goals. 

       Signing Up  

JAM Shelton - Email Kim McCord today to sign up for group lessons!


JAM Astoria - Submit your Interest Form today for at home, in studio, or Zoom lessons!