JAM's Core Values

We’re always looking to expand our community with people who are aligned with our 3 core values.

  1. We are All-Encompassing and Inclusive:
    We include people of all backgrounds, ages, (dis)abilities, skill-levels and musical interests in our community.

  2. We are Curious and Engage in Meaningful Music-Making: 
    Our musicians and teacher-researchers discover their own potential as musicians and professionals. We make way for new educational pilots and give our musicians and teacher-researchers the space the develop innovative ways to learn and teach music. We aim for high quality in terms of pedagogical practice, research, and musicianship and critically reflect on our practices.

  3. We are Open to All Musicians and Musics:
    We consider all students and teachers as equal musicians and aim for collaborative learning, teaching, and co-creation of knowledge. Our community values musical and music educational traditions and conventions, but also flexibly adapts and challenges the existing practices and approaches.

JAM's founder, Kim McCord, assisting one of JAM's musicians on guitar.

Work With JAM

Learn From Us

Are you interested in learning strategies for working with one or more of our populations? We welcome PreK-12 and Higher Education educators to observes us teach, teach with us and receive mentorships, or when you are ready, teach entire rehearsals and lessons or prepare and host a concert with JAM musicians. We support mutual sharing of ideas and teaching strategies and encourage everyone learning with us to share what they're already doing that could help us be better musicians and teachers. For example, if you are an accomplished Bluegrass musician you could offer to host a workshop on improvisation in a bluegrass style.


Thanks for applying to learn with JAM! Someone will reach out to you within the next 24 hours :)

Teach with Us

Interested in teaching for JAM? Send in your resume and information on what you’re qualified and wanting to teach to info@justaccessiblemusic.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Research with Us

Interested in a research project with JAM? Send in your research proposal to info@justaccessiblemusic.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Help Support Us

JAM is always welcoming financial and material support to help make music education more accessible to our musicians in low-income situations. Click the button below to sponsor a musician for a month for only $200 or scan our Venmo QR code to make a donation of any amount. If you have any materials you'd like to donate, please email info@justaccessiblemusic.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

JAM's Venmo QR code.