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JAM Musician Rehearsals and Performances  

JAM Rehearsals and Performances

JAM Vocalist's A Capella Song 

JAM Musician, Arianna, created an original A Capella harmony to share how much we love JAM. 

JAM Musician's Original Arrangement

JAM Musician and Teacher, Shane Long, arranged and performed all 4 parts on bass and drums in his rendition of "Isn't She Lovely". This video contributed to his 2022 acceptance into NYU's music education undergraduate program!

JAM in Southern CT

Clip from JAM's Fall 2021 concert with musicians and teachers from the University of Bridgeport, CT.

JAM in Southern CT

Clip from JAM's Summer 2021 concert at the University of Bridgeport, CT.

JAM Founder Features and Presentations  

JAM Features and Presentations

Weaving Equity and Social Justice in Music Education in Times of Social Crises

Professor Emerita Kimberly McCord presenting at a panel at Finland Center Foundation in 2020.

JAM Student Using Assistive Technology

One of JAM's founders, Professor Emerita Kim McCord, was featured for her research on the Soundbrenner Pulse.

Full article:

Stories from the Field of Arts, Disability, and Education

Professor Emerita Kim McCord at The Kennedy Center VSA and Accessibility Webinar Series. 

Teaching Special Music Education

Founder, Kimberly McCord, presenting at the 2022 International Society for Music Education Commission on Special Music Education and Music Therapy.


Books written by Kimberly McCord:

Teaching the Postsecondary Music Student With Disabilities 

Exceptional Music Pedagogy

Accessing Music 

Chop Monster Jr. 


Articles written by Kimberly McCord:

"Moving Beyond "That's All I Can Do:" Encouraging Musical Creativity in Children with Learning Disabilities"

"Improvisation as communication: Students with communication disabilities and autism using call and response on instruments"

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